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Examining The 10-Inch Subwoofers 2017

People get most of their daily dose of good music while they are on the road. Driving alone silently and being stuck in the middle of a heavy traffic becomes tolerable with the help of good music. When people are driving, they also want to enjoy songs with deeper and much better qualities.

Yes, your car’s stereo system may be a knockout and it may be state of the art but these audio systems always lack something. A powerful bass adds that extra punch to the music and is the foundation of the kind of music that we know of today.

You will never know what a true sound system experience is until you get a subwoofer for your car. This is a speaker that is dedicated to producing tones that are much deeper, something that most car stereo speakers do not have. Here is a quick guide introducing the 10 best 12 inch subwoofers.

Rockford Fosgate P3SD4-10

Rockford Fosgate P3SD4-10 car subwoofer

This one came from a very famous line of high performance subwoofers that definitely knows how to deliver the real bass. The Punch Stage 3 Subwoofers will make it easier for you to fit a powerful speaker into a vehicle that belongs to the smaller side.


It has an aluminum basket shallow design with a dual 4 ohm coils. It also has a cone that is reinforced with a Kevlar surrounded with poly-ether-ester.

Rockford Fosgate P3SD4-10 has a power range of 100 to 300 watts. Every voice coil has a capacity of 150 watts. It has a frequency response of 45 to 250 Hz, sensitivity of 83 dB and 600 watts of peak power handling.


This Rockford Fosgate subwoofer features a shallow mount design. It was engineered to have more shallow motor assembly to reduce the overall depth of the woofer and allow it to fit into even the smallest spaces inside your vehicle.

It has a PVC textured magnet cover that can be removed to allow application into an even smaller installation.

This subwoofer has a modern looking design and it adds a high quality bass sound even if it comes in a very small package, which is why this is one of the best rated and most popular 10 inch subwoofers in the market today.

BOSS AUDIO CXX10 Chaos Extreme

 BOSS AUDIO CXX10 Chaos Exxtreme 10 inch Single Voice Coil (4 Ohm) 800-watt Subwoofer

With its metallic black finish and an impressive 800 watts of power handling, the CXX10 offers both sound and looks that stand out from the rest. With this Boss Audio subwoofer, you will make a stylish upgrade to your car’s audio system with very clear lows.


It has a poly injection cone with a foam surround.The polyurethane is used as the cone material for this subwoofer.

This is a resilient and a durable material; it can be squishy like upholstery foam but it can also be hard like fiberglass.

This material allows a maximum give that can produce a surrounding speaker that sounds more than great. This material also has an aluminum made voice coil.

Aluminum is a solid material that can perform even when placed under stress. It is also a soft material, making it an ideal material to be used in voice coils.


Aside from its good looks, this 10-inch subwoofer also boasts of a booming bass and clear, high quality sounds. It has a peak power of 800 watts and continuous power of 400 watts RMS.

It also has 4 ohm of impedance, 87 dB of sensitivity and a mounting depth of 3.75.

Pyle PL1090BL 10-Inch 1,000-Watt DVC Subwoofer

Pyle PL1090BL Car Subwooefer

The series of subwoofers from the Blue Wave series of Pyle don’t only sound great; they are also one of best looking that you can find in the market these days.


This 10-inch subwoofer from Pyle boasts a booming 1000 watt power and engineered with bass lovers in mind. This will give you a concert-like musical experience no matter what kind of enclosure you use with it – whether it is vented, sealed or open air.

It has a blue injected molded cone that looks very stylish and thanks to the 70 oz. of magnet, rubber magnet boot and non-fatiguing big rubber suspension, this subwoofer sounds fantastic too.

Its flat progressive spider design helps improve the mechanical stability of the speaker and increase its clarity as you use it over time.


The Pyle PL1090BL has a continuous power handling capacity of 200 watts RMS and a peak power or 1000 watts. It has a sensitivity of 83.5 dB and a frequency of 26.9 Hz.

This woofer from the Pyle Blue Label Series also offers a lot of other great features that is found on its drivers such as a large magnet structure, the large voice coils, vented pole piece, silver plated terminal and a butyl rubber surround.

Lanzar MAXP104D Max Pro

Lanzar MAXP104D Max Pro Car Subwoofer

A rugged yet great looking and powerful sub at an affordable price, this is what you should be getting if you are looking for a powerful, versatile and clean cut sound. This will definitely enhance the quality and performance of your car’s audio system to make it even more enjoyable for you.


This Lanzar subwoofer will bring vibrancy and life to your audio system; you’ll never know the kind of sound quality that you are missing until you use this.

This subwoofer is from the MAX series so expect that it will push your car’s audio system to the max. This is a small enclosure sub but it will add that extra punch that you need to be added to your sound system.

Two 2-inch dual layer high temperature Kapton voice coil added with a 2 60 oz. heavy duty double stacked magnets produce the powerful sound that you get from this sub.

The wide, non-fatiguing rubber suspension enhances the booming factor of the sound along with the bumped and vented motor construction that will keep your equipment safe. It also helps extend the life of the product.


It has a black colored, non-pressed paper cone with an edge suspension made of specially treated cone. It boasts 1, 200 watts of peak power, a dual 4 ohms nominal impedance and a frequency of 50 Hz. Put them in an enclosure and you will immediately experience the kind of kicking sound that you have been missing without this subwoofer. It offers high quality sound at a great value, an opportunity that you should not miss out on.

Kenwood Kfc-w2513ps

Kenwood Kfc-w2513ps Car Subwoofer

Since Kenwood dedicated ten long years in making the Performance Series, it is not a surprise that one of their subwoofers made it to this list.

With this Kenwood speaker, you can get a powerful and reliable bass for your vehicle’s sound system.


The heavy duty polypropylene cone reinforced with a tough rubber surround helps it accommodate an extra-long cone excursion.

It can handle up to 300 watts RMS so it really has a lot of thunder to offer. It has a diamond array pattern that reinforces the cone so that you won’t experience any warp during a heavy bass production.

This subwoofer features a dual ventilation system that pulls the heated air out of its motor structure through the sides and the back of the sub. This helps the inner portion stay cool even after long car jamming sessions.

With the suitable enclosure, you will be able to enjoy a nice amp that is suitable for a party.


This is a 10 inch, 4 ohm subwoofer with a textured polypropylene cone designed with a rubber surround. It has a power range of 50 to 200 watts RMS and a power handling peak of 1, 000 watts. It has 82 decibels of sensitivity and frequency response of 39 to 300 Hz.

This guide included the ten high rated and famous subwoofers that are definitely worth investing in. Most of them come at a price that you can definitely afford and all of them will give you the great audio quality that you will certainly enjoy and is worth your money.

What is a Subwoofer?

A subwoofer is a kind of speaker that can read bass and other kind of low frequency sounds. Because it creates a high quality sound, enhance and amplify your music listening experience, it can help add excitement to any audio system and it has different range of wattage, cost, size and power.

Without the help of a subwoofer, you may miss some effects and sounds that are produced at a lower range that most of the average speakers can no longer pick up. Basically, a subwoofer will make whatever you are listening to sound crystal clear.

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